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About Us

Zanzibar's a place where "everybody knows your name," where conversation flows, and where you will feel right at home. Our friendly team has served a wide range of people for years, even decades in some cases.

For more than 54 years, Zanzibar’s has been the popular choice for women, men and children of all ages for hair care. 

We at Zanzibar’s are committed to continual professional development, so we keep you up with the latest fashion trends in a way that compliments your own individuality.

We provide a relaxing environment where you can enjoy a specialty tea, coffee or refreshing glass of cold filtered water and a treat. We are stocked with latest magazines and free Wifi.

We recognize the cultural and religious importance of providing a private space for clients to receive their hair services. However, we regret to inform you that our salon operates on an open-concept basis, and as such, we do not have any private rooms or screens available at this time to accommodate this request.

Zanzibar Hair Studio Front Entrance

Amazing hair is not by accident.

It’s by appointment​!